The venue

Getting around

Conference venue map with nearby hotels, restaurants & landmarks: comming soon

The venue

The conference will be held at The Fryderyk Chopin Institute, located at 43 Tamka Street 00-355 Warsaw, Poland. The sessions will be held at the Institute’s conference room, 1st floor.


For more detailed instructions regarding ways of commuting to the Fryderyk Chopin Institute, please follow this link to our “Accommodation & Transportation” section wherein you can find a list of recommended hotels in the walking distance from the venue as well.


Conference room equipment

The conference room is fully equipped with microphones, high quality speakers, multimedia projector, two markerboards, and Windows 10 operated PC with MS Office 360 and broadband internet connection. Note: Mac users are kindly asked to bring all the necessary adapters or their own devices in case local adapters do not work.

Weather in Poland

Apart from well known forecast services (lke BBC Weather), it will be good to check also local forecast providers, for instance:,13155/na-dzis-na-jutro,1.html,polska,katowice,9342.html


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